The hands
and the brains

We strive for better brands.

To search for
the love factor

Design is in our blood.
We live and breathe design. Are always looking for inspiration.

Look at the trends and then think: what can we do with this for our clients? But we think further than just in design terms. We especially think along with you. Listen to you.

What do you need? How can we help you? And then we get to work. Less talking, more designing. To design something cool. Something cool that works. And that completely suits your brand. Because that is what we strive for. To make your brand even better and bigger. Through design. So your brand becomes a love brand.


We listen. We ask why. We are engagedimage. We help you in every way we can.
We get the job done. We drive growth. We are pragmatic.
We take design seriously, ourselves not that much.
We love to discuss about design. We nurture. We follow trends.image
We houden like planten. We work togetherimage. We simplify. We talk no bullshit.
We like to have a drink, or two.
We turn brands into love brandsimage




Babette is the personification of LOVEBRAND DESIGNERS®. Young, enthusiastic, talented, sometimes a bit too modest but with a strong opinion. Tadaaaa! That modesty is fortunately fading away. Babette designs cool stuff. And it’s getting cooler every day.



Fredrick Floor aka Freddie Vloer is voor 80% de developer van deze website, zijn laatste project tijdens zijn dienst bij LVB.

Art Director

Ferdivan der Veen

"Can you help us with our brand?". Ask Ferdi this only if you want something really good. Cause he doesn’t do it for less. Branding strategy, logos, strategy design. His cup of tea. You can’t make him happier than with a complicated task. Give it a shot, the result will amaze you. We promise.



In a world of people who think they are really important, Cristian is a positive exception. Cristian doesn’t say anything. No sorry, correction: Cristian doesn’t say anything useless. He’s thoughtful. And thinks about what he’s saying. Except for when it comes to football, by the way. Cristian always digs deeper. He doesn’t settle for less. He asks questions. Thinks. Researches. And then comes up with something very good. But he thinks that’s part of the job. That's Cristian.



If someone is a tower of strength, that is Petra. Well, most of the time. Sometimes Petra gets angry. About the really important things in life. About bad wine for example. Or about why there is no more Farmers Salad for lunch. Only then. For the rest: tower of strength. Petra knows everything, sees everything, hears everything. As a planning queen and with her years of design experience, she handles everything smoothly. Thank God.

Web developer

Jeffreyvan Draanen

If you say digital design, you say Jeffrey. Design, develop, advise, animate. Our Jeff does it. All. But always with the design eye as the basis. Whenever he advises clients. Builds a website. Develops a tool. Design is always the basis. Actually, the base is Amsterdam North. And that's a nice basis. We know that.

Art director


If you move away from Bilbao, get past Groningen and land in Amersfoort, out of pure love for your profession, you deserve respect. Deep respect. Aida doesn’t care much. As long as she is busy with what she loves. If she gets the chance she will shower you with design inspiration, from all corners of the world, from brands that hardly anyone knows. Except for Aida. She knows it all. And if she is inspired... she sits, headphones on. Working. Creating. Surprising customers. Sometimes even herself. Pitfall? Never satisfied. Always more. Not a bad downside. And a little warning. If you call her Spanish, then get out of the way asap. She is not Spanish. She is Basque. Just sayin.